Flambeau Mine Wisconsin: Another successfully reclaimed mining operation

The Flambeau Mine in Wisconsin is still the source of much controversy. Nevertheless plans for the remarkable post mining reclamation were part of the initial permitting process and had to be approved both by Wisconsin State regulators and local communities:

"The open pit was backfilled, as the community preferred. Prairie and woodland habitat was created along with more than 10 acres of wetlands. Today, the site is home to hundreds of species of plants and animals. Four miles of hiking trails have been created on the site and five miles of equestrian trails have been created south of the site. The nine miles of trails are open to the public for non-motorized recreation year round."

The metal from the Flambeau mine is now benefiting society, in the form perhaps, of copper pipe for clean drinking water or wiring in electric cars or wind turbines. In the meantime the mine-site is being used by a new generation of recreation users.

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