What is the best paying job for women in Mexico? Mining!

When we speak of human rights and gender equality in the work force we might not think immediately of mining. But that would be a mistake. For women in developing countries like Mexico, the highest paid professions and the best new opportunities for education and advancement are in mining. Mining, while a non traditional employment sector for women, is a high-tech specialised industry requiring skilled workers. Women in many respects are preferred over men, and as such the industry is providing great employment and educational opportunities in this traditional mining country. This requires agencies like the AWRA in Australia to help communicate these opportunities to women who haven't historically looked to mining as a source of job opportunities. While the industry is keen to close the gender gap, companies still find that only 1 in 10 respondents to job applications are women. It is a work in progress but happily women are now finding valued and high paying roles around the world in mining.