Humans are natural!

We are delighted to make our first book recommendation. Jeff Foss is nothing short of a hero, rescuing us from antiquated notions about how humans relate to the natural world: 

...Unlike environmentalism which begins with a dichotomy between human beings and their natural environment, this philosophy of nature is based on the fact that humankind is an integral part of the natural world...

Well said Dr. Foss! This book is perhaps a leap forward in human thought. If we subscribe to the theory of evolution (we do) then it must be that humans (and all we do) are natural. We are the soul of the natural world and must seek our own destiny, one that is entwined with the natural world.  Take the trip with Dr. Foss and "go beyond environmentalism and establish a new discipline, the philosophy of nature, dedicated to a deeper understanding of the relationship between humankind and the rest of nature." Read on MiningFocus subscriber.