Pro-Mining Demonstrations in Argentina

Ten years ago the development of a gold deposit near the town of Esquel in Chubut Argentina was halted by a town referendum in which a majority voted against a mine. Outside anti-mining groups Earthwatch and Greenpeace fanned anxiety about mining and led protests against the proposed development. The negative referendum became a calling sign for anti-mining protests throughout Latin America. Ten years on how do people feel? Certainly many remain anxious about the impacts of mining. But some who claim to have voted "no" ten years ago feel it is time to revisit the decision. There is poverty in the area and the promises of Eco-tourism have not benefited all. Mines elsewhere in Argentina do not seem to have wrecked the environment and the health of the citizens as projected for Esquel by foreign powerful well funded anti-mining groups who have long moved on to the next battle. Could mining live harmoniously with Esquel after all? These demonstrations and articles suggest some people think so:

 Article describing Si a la Mina Movement

 Video of March

Video of March 2 

Guillermo Ambrosini: La mineria es industria de industrias