The Swedish Government has a Plan: Sustainable Mining!

Read all about it here. We couldn't have said it better than Annie Lööf, Swedish Minister for Enterprise in her excellent introductory preface:

A new bridge, a windpower turbine or your mobile telephone contains metals extracted from the ground somewhere in the world. As more and more people extricate themselves from poverty, build cities and develop their industry, the demand for metals and minerals is rising. This has in turn led to a greater interest in Swedish mineral resources.
Sweden is currently the EU’s leading mining and mineral nation and one of the goals of Sweden’s minerals strategy is to strengthen that position. By using our mineral resources sustainably, in harmony with environmental, natural and cultural values, we can create jobs and growth throughout Sweden.
Not only do we have the resources in the form of ore and minerals, but we also have the framework in the form of robust and unequivocal environmental legislation, a strong climate for innovation, openness as regards our geological resources, high-level research and a well-educated workforce.
An expanding mining and mineral industry involves huge investments in parts of the country where such investments have been conspicuous in their absence for a long time. This is a welcome development, but it also brings with it substantial demands.
The communities that are growing alongside the mining industry must also be built up sustainably. Attractive living environments must be created so as to avoid situations where the workforce is flown in and out. The expansion must take place in harmony with the environment and surrounding industries.
My hope is that Sweden’s Minerals Strategy will act as a tool for dialogue, cooperation and growth in all parts of the country.
-Annie Lööf