Far from being an unnecessary metal, Gold is used in almost every electronic device

Attitudes towards gold are not always, well, golden. Nevertheless the metal has often proved useful to even those with disdain for it. For example this is what Time Magazine observed on May 15th, 1964:

..."When we are victorious on a world-wide scale," bragged Lenin in 1921, "we will make public toilets out of gold on the streets of the world's largest cities." Last week Russian gold was indeed flowing into some of the world's largest cities—but for reasons that make Lenin's grand vision seem even more absurd than it did in 1921. Into London and Paris flew ungainly Aeroflot TU-114 airliners bearing gold bars imprinted with hammer and sickle for delivery to Western customers. To cover their huge purchases of Australian, Canadian and U.S. wheat...

Much maligned by those with misplaced antipathy to the virtues of exchange apart from barter, gold's non monetary uses grow daily. Every anti-gold tweet needs gold wiring to effect so much as a peep. We have posted references to gold in electronic before but couldn't resist sending you this great imagery. Warning, do not try at home.